How do we know?


1 How was initial contact made or developed with this group

  • Culmination of emerging leaders group taking part in collaboration training.

  • Provided a pop up pharmacy style stall where information was handed out to promote what events/workshops etc are happening in East Belfast now and in the near future.

  • Meeting with Connswater Community Greenway to discuss Emotional Resilient East Belfast document.

  • Second set of sessions for Healthy HeARTS and Minds Programme where there is a menu of arts based workshops running aimed at those who have different health issues.

  • Sustrans NI based at CS Lewis Square contacted to ask if EBCDA would host a stall at their annual Belcycle Event to promote Health activities and what we do in East Belfast.

  • Initial contact made by new link worker who covers North and East Belfast.  Would like to know how EBCDA can support and signpost clients to activities/programmes within East Belfast.

  • ASIST Training for local community.  Mix of organisation represented from throughout East Belfast.

2 Intended Impact

  • Prepare for future Belfast work regarding social prescribing for all HLCs across city, influence the direction of future HLC Alliance training.

  • The event was to promote East Belfast positively and to showcase the positive work that the community groups carry out in East Belfast.  We also celebrated volunteers on the day and to say thank you for the work that they contribute to making East a positive place to live, work, volunteer and visit.

  • Was to give the group more knowledge on what is happening in east, and also to find out what the group themselves are doing and if EBCDA can help and support them with any future health related activities.

  • To catch up and gain understanding of each other’s organisations work.

  • To ensure that all records kept by the group are correct and that the treasurer has a good understanding of keeping financial records.

  • Share the document.  How we came to develop it and plan for way forward.

  • To train local people in suicide intervention model.

3 Unintended impact

  • Belfast HLCs used the time to build stronger relationships and find solutions on working together and how future Belfast network meetings should operate.

  • We had people attending who didn’t know what services where available in their local community centres and organisations and these people where signposted to these.

  • Positive, good opportunity for Youth Work provision in East Belfast.

  • Shows that group comply with Charity Commission regulations.

  • Those who have come along have gained confidence and have found the social aspect good.

  • Able to support the women to know they can’t be all things to all people and to know when to seek help from external agencies.  Also had good discussion on Take 5 and how people are really engaging in the messages whilst at the gym.

  • Shows that the group can comply with Charity Commission regulations.

4 your view on impact

  • Helpful to improve EBCDA role in city wide work.

  • This event has been a huge success and shown the benefit of positively promoting the work that community groups in East Belfast carry out.

  • An excellent way to get information out to people as to what’s available to them in East Belfast ensuring that it covers all elements of Take 5.

  • Positive, good opportunity for Youth Work provision in East Belfast.

  • A great vehicle to reach men and promote positive healthy lifestyle change.

  • Great link to have to allow those living with cancer the opportunity to take part in programmes and activities happening in East Belfast.

  • Shows that group are up to date with all their financial records that enable a smooth annual upload of information to the Charities Commission.

5 groups view on impact

  • Excellent stall with lots of information as to what’s available to people in their local communities within East Belfast.

  • Excellent having the hub and it’s full of information.  Great to meet the health staff and find out what is happening in East.

  • Helpful.  Excited about future working together.

  • Good for them to know how the process works.

  • Very informative and very happy to have completed the training. “Feel equipped to know how to speak to someone in crisis.”

  • Really informative and enjoyable morning. Helped gain confidence.

  • Good to chat and understand how statutory services work. local services and to understand what our remit is when dealing with people.